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That’s how we feel at Pittakos when it comes to process engineering and technical drawing in the yacht construction industry. Projects need more – such as creativity and a heartbeat – to really come to life. Pittakos can add these vital ingredients, to each and every project.

process engineering

Do all the processes in your company beat in a regular rhythm or do they sometimes falter? Pittakos helps you achieve optimum efficiency so that you can focus on ‘your real work’.

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technical drawing

Pittakos translates ship interior designs into technical drawings and contributes its expertise, craftsmanship, and creativity to bring your project to life. 

“Fine cooperation through communication in the same technical language. Creating drawings with production in mind.”

Feijen SP

Rik de Wilde

“Pittakos is not fixed to only one way of working. Smart thinking enables them to bundle the power of different software.”

Royal Huisman Shipyard

Mark Hoff   |   Interior Engineer

“Pittakos are real thinkers. Starting a project with them is always a success”

TopSolid Belgium

Boris De Doncker   |   Business Development Manager

“Meticulous attention to detail for fully-tailored interior designs”

Zijlstra Interiors

Melline Bouwman

“They do it with passion, or not at all”

Avenue 44

Jesper Simons | Interior Engineer

“Pittakos is proactive and involved. They deliver great quality with high attention to detail making it a great collaboration”

Contest Yachts

Eva Koning | Engineer interiors



with our partners



Pittakos is a technical office that specializes in yacht interiors. We have our own unique vision in what we do. We are not content with just a good solution but strive to achieve a result that is unique, unprecedented, and innovative. We bring every project to life and give it its own heartbeat.

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intelligent engineering

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