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Process engineering

Process engineering

How can we simplify construction work on yacht interiors and increase efficiency in projects? At Pittakos, we ask ourselves this question every day, in the service we provide our partners and customers. And we still manage to find solutions that we are also happy to share with you.

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Solutions may be very simple, such as creating a clearly organized document structure or implementing design software

sharing knowledge


Trust is needed when sharing knowledge and trust is something that Pittakos has. Pittakos, the man to whom we dedicate our company name, had these wise words to say: ‘Cultivate truth, good faith, experience, cleverness, sociability, and industry.’ That is why we share our knowledge with the parties with whom we have a trusted relationship. 


We’ll be happy to help you optimize your processes so that you can work more efficiently, communicate more effectively, scale up more easily, and have more time left for your ‘real work’. Solutions may be very simple, such as creating a clearly organized document structure or implementing design software. But we can also provide more complex solutions related to project management. 


Efficient communication platform

An important area of focus for companies and projects is communication. In many cases, a lot of time is wasted on this aspect.

E-mails are sent back and forth, mailboxes become full in no time at all, and a great deal of the communication ends up with people for whom it isn’t really relevant. Furthermore, decisions and agreements become less and less clear during the process.

Pittakos provides the answer: an efficient information platform that is specially designed for project management and collaboration. Agreements, work instructions, and individual tasks are set out clearly and easy to find. This is also the way we work in our own drawing projects. It ensures efficient collaboration and a smooth process, time and time again. 



with our partners

specialists in

yacht interior construction

Thanks to our experience and affinity with yacht interior construction, we can help partners in this sector take steps forward. We know what they want and need. We understand their problems and challenges. And we can provide solutions. In doing so, we hope to take the yacht interior construction sector to the next level. 

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intelligent engineering

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