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Technical drawing

Technical drawing

Pittakos specializes in technical drawings of ship panelling for yacht interiors. We translate the architect’s interior design into an assembly drawing or a technical drawing for production. We do not rely blindly on the advanced programs we work with but also add expertise, craftsmanship, creativity, and a heartbeat. 

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We believe that collaboration and knowledge sharing are the key ingredients needed to create a beautiful, top quality product. 



We specialize in technical drawing for ship panelling but it is also a joint creation. Our engineers therefore collaborate closely with you – shipyards and producers of ship interiors. We believe that collaboration and knowledge sharing are the key ingredients needed to create a beautiful, top quality product. A product that is achieved thanks to our close relationship and synergy with our partners. It is only then that the interior’s heart starts beating and it comes to life.


Clear communication is an important requirement for successful collaboration, responding flexibly to changes, and for making and keeping to agreements. Pittakos leads the way in this. We work with an innovative information platform which we use to organize the efficient flow of communication between all parties and individuals involved. This ensures that our projects run smoothly and according to plan. 

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Added value of external expertise

On technical matters, you can expect the highest attainable standard from us. The engineers at Pittakos specialize in technical drawing for timber building and ship interior construction, but we have also purposefully brought in external expertise. Engineers in fields other than ship panelling broaden our view and help us optimize our technical drawings. 

These include specialists in air flow simulation, an expertise not usually found in ship interior construction although it is present at Pittakos.

We can implement this external expertise to enhance the quality and value of your project.



with our partners



We aim to achieve the highest possible quality in all our projects but we never aim to squeeze every last drop out of our collaboration with our partners in any of them. We regard each project as an opportunity to further refine our craftsmanship and intensify the relationship with our partners. That is what we gain the most. 

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intelligent engineering

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